Right-of-Way Management

The City of Hutchinson believes strongly in the protection and maintenance of its Right-of Way and infrastructure resources. The infrastructure resources tracked by the Engineering/Public Works Group include:
  • Right-of-way
  • Street lights, signals and signs
  • Streets, sidewalks and trails
  • Sanitary sewer, water main and storm sewer (including ponds)

Proper management of these resources allows the City to maximize the quality of its infrastructure while controlling costs. The City utilizes various technologies and procedures to track these resources.

In particular, the following systems are utilized:

Use of Information

The information provided by this system allows the City to:

  • Establish a capital value of the City’s infrastructure, as required by federal law.
  • Provide information related to the development of maintenance plans and yearly general operating budgets (establishing priorities, estimating expense needs, etc.)
  • Provide information related to the development of short and long-term Capital Improvement Plans (CIP)

See also the section on Improvement Projects.


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