Parks & Natural Resources

Hutchinson’s highly regarded park system rosters 41 parks, 21 playgrounds, 22 ball fields and more than 30 acres of prairie in multiple sites.

There are about 26 acres of parks and open spaces per 1,000 residents, well above the national average of 10 acres per 1,000 people.

The Parks and Natural Resources Department is responsible for the maintenance and operations of items in our Parks System.  We oversee the following operations either performed by full time staff or summer seasonal crews:  mowing, weeding, watering, turf fertilization and aeration, planting, pruning, mulching, painting, staining, garbage collection, ballfield grooming and striping, cleaning of park shelters/restrooms for daily use and private rentals.

Veteran's Park

We are fortunate to have such a wide array of resources to offer to our residents and visitors; whether it’s the 9 Hole Disc Golf course at South Park, camping in Masonic/West River Park or listening to music in Library Square on Monday nights in the summer months. Park shelters and ballfields can be reserved by the public for various gatherings, for a fee, by calling PRCE office at (320) 587-2975.

Please explore our parks and come back often to find new geography to explore as we expand our map and offer new features. Through the ParkFinder interface, we offer our citizens a unique geographic perspective of our city and its amenities.

2021 Park Amenity Finder

Get out and get active TODAY!


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