Street Lights & Traffic Signals

The Public Works Department manages and/or directs work related to street lights and traffic signals in the City of Hutchinson in conjunction with Hutchinson Utilities and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. 


Much of the maintenance and operational work on these systems is done by Hutchinson Utilities, while Mn/DOT or private contractors usually conduct improvement projects or significant repairs.
Report a Maintenance Concern

There are a limited number of maintenance personnel to keep an eye out for potential problems, so we appreciate when you notify us of maintenance concerns (lights not working correctly, traffic signal, etc.).

To report maintenance concerns, please fill out the “Report a Problem” Fix-It Form and clearly note the type and location of the concern. The fields for contact information should be filled out completely.

The following overview is a brief description of policies in place at the City of Hutchinson.


Street Lights:

The City of Hutchinson currently has nearly 1,800 street lights within its boundaries.

All new developments must install street lights to City standards at their own expense.

The placement of new or replacement street lights in existing, currently or previously served locations within the City is based on a priority system. Requests for new/replacement street lighting are directed to the City Council. The Council refers requests to Public Works and the Hutchinson Utilities Electric Division for evaluation and a cost estimate. Any request may also be reviewed by the Police Department if requests relate to public safety. Street lighting is considered primarily based upon pedestrian and vehicular traffic not on lighting facility entrances or properties beyond the public right-of-way. Street lighting determined to be beneficial for public safety purposes is generally paid for out of City funds and is not assessed to the property owner. The City reserves the right to set the priority for, deny or delay the installation of lights based on available funding and other reasonable criteria.

Traffic Signals:

All traffic signals within the City of Hutchinson are on State Highways and are under the control of Mn/DOT. The City of Hutchinson and Hutchinson Utilities provide general maintenance services (changing bulbs, general electrical work, painting, etc.) but all issues related to placement and timing are under the direction and management of Mn/DOT.

The City’s Public Works Department directs questions and comments to the appropriate Mn/DOT authority.


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