Sidewalks, Trails & Walkways

The City of Hutchinson promotes the installation and use of sidewalks, trails and walkways within the City as part of an effort to be a “Bicycle and Pedestrian Friendly” Community.

Over the years, the City has conducted external and internal plans to accommodate ‘light’ traffic, including pedestrians and bicycles.  These plans have outlined routes and options for providing light traffic with access points to a variety of destinations, including schools, recreational facilities, businesses and other points of interest.

2021 Park Amenity Finder Sharrow ImageSidewalks, Trails, & Walkways Map Bike Lanes and Trails Map Luce Line State Trail (pdf)

Construction, Repair and Maintenance Policies

According to the City Code, it is the adjacent property owner’s responsibility to construct, maintain and repair sidewalks adjacent to their properties. The City of Hutchinson has developed a policy in an effort toward consistent quality, and to provide for periodic review and maintenance of the City’s sidewalk network. Under this policy, the City provides services, at its discretion, that may exceed those required by the City Code. This policy and any related action by the City Council or staff are not intended to reduce the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. The City reserves the right to enforce the requirements of the City Code and to deviate from this policy at any time and for any reason determined to be in the best interest of the City.

Sidewalk Policy (pdf)

Snow removal on sidewalks, trails and walkways:

It is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner, using due diligence, to keep sidewalks clear for pedestrian travel.

There are certain sidewalks, identified by the City, which may receive some snow removal services from City staff and equipment. These services are provided at the City’s discretion and do not relieve property owners of their responsibilities.

Snow remaining on sidewalks 24 hours after snow has stopped falling is a public nuisance. Property owners will be notified that their property is in violation. Beginning 12 hours after notification, City crews or contractors may clean sidewalks and bill adjacent property owners for that service. Unpaid bills will be certified to property taxes.Property owners are responsible for maintaining 48” of cleared space on sidewalks, trails and walkways that exceed 48” in width.

Please notify the Public Works department to report a sidewalk that is in need of repair.

Adopted May 3, 2016 - McLeod County Board

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