Hutchinson’s Brand Story

Standing on the crest of a hill overlooking the Crow River, the three Hutchinson brothers knew they had found what they had been looking for: the perfect place to establish a community that would stand for the values and human rights they had been expounding for years through their popular music. So it was, long before the rest of the country would come around to their forward-thinking ideas, Hutchinson, Minnesota established a reputation for blazing trails as a town ahead of its time. Today, Hutchinson still stands as a city with a vision for the future. This is a city that thinks and acts differently because of its commitment to decisions that prioritize improving the quality of life – the economic, physical, social, emotional and environmental wellness – for all its residents, workers and visitors.

Like the Crow River, generations of wisdom have flowed through this area’s rich history, gleaning and drawing deeply from its abundant woods, wildlife and surrounding lakes. Somewhere between small town and big city, farm community and metropolis, lies Hutchinson, where a wealth of natural resources and beauty add to a higher quality of life. Here, you’ll find small town charm in the historic downtown, yet big city appeal in a vibrant cultural arts community and exceptional school system.

Here, a personalized supportive approach to doing business, more indicative of a small-town welcoming spirit, is alive and well. Yet, this micropolitan is also recognized as a pioneering, highly productive manufacturing, agricultural and industrial regional hub that finds creative ways of working with new businesses and entrepreneurs.

Some cities talk. Hutchinson acts. Wasting no time doing things “because that’s the way it’s always been done,” the city’s leaders continue to see the opportunity in challenges, acting decisively on the most efficient, effective solutions for all. They’ve also managed to balance growth and preservation with development that doesn’t compromise the city’s strong cultural or environmental character.

Hutchinson is one city whose direction is clear: to serve its people, commerce and industry with a clear focus, charting a better course ahead and staying on point with intention and purpose.


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