Energy Tree


What is the Energy Tree Program?

The Energy Tree Program established in 1993 by the Hutchinson Utility Commission is a program that funds the delivery of trees and mulch for Hutchinson residents in an effort to reduce future energy consumption. Trees can help reduce energy by providing shade from the sun in the summer months and blocking cold northwest winds during the winter months.

The energy tree program provides for up to 3 trees to be delivered to the homeowner’s property for a flat fee of $15.  Homeowners will consult with the city arborist on which varieties they would like and talk about planting locations for these trees.  Trees will then be delivered with mulch, fertilizer, and staking materials if needed.  There is also a tree planting video available to residents. Tree Planting Video.

When planting trees, be sure to get your underground utilities located by utilizing  The energy tree program trees are in 10 to 15 gallon pots.  The pots are 18 inches deep and 14 inches wide.  For better tree planting success, plan on digging a 20 inch wide hole that is 18 inches deep.  In some parts of town this size hole is relatively easy to dig.  In new developments it can be quite difficult so plan ahead when applying for the program.

We have access to the following varieties for next year:


These are the varieties that we have ready access to and do well in most soil conditions here in town.  We are able to access other varieties should something unique be requested.

How do I get an Energy Tree?


We are now accepting applications for the 2024 program.


2024 Energy Tree Application



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