Emergency Notification System

Sign Up For The Emergency/City Information Notification System

The City of Hutchinson utilizes an Emergency/City Information Notification System to provide information quickly in a variety of situations. Alerts may be sent by the city to communicate information about city maintenance activity, such as mosquito spraying, to evacuation requests due to a chemical spill.

  • Residents and business owners must register the voice and text communication devices they wish to receive messages on.
  • Messages can be sent simultaneously in voice and text formats to all standard voice and text communication devices, including land line phone, cell phone and e-mail.
  • You are not only in control of which personal contact paths you wish to use but also which non-emergency messages you wish to receive.

To Sign Up For The Emergency/City Information Notification System

Registration Link
  • Use the Registration Link above.
  • Add your contact information into the Emergency/City Information Notification System. (To protect the privacy of your personal information the contract with Everbridge Inc. includes language to protect your personal information. (Everbridge Privacy Policy)
  • Please note: Residents and businesses with listed telephone numbers have already been included in the system. We strongly encourage you to use the Registration link to register additional communication devices into the system.

To Discontinue Receiving The Emergency/City Information Notification System Messages

To remove your contact information from the Emergency/City Information Notification System please click on the Registration Link and select “Manage Profile.” By opting out of the system you will no longer receive emergency or community notifications.

Optional Areas of Registration include

  • Snow Emergency – A snow emergency may include significant snow fall, severe drifting and/or freezing rain.
  • Mosquito Spraying – Delivery of a mosquito control product via truck mounted spraying/fogging unit.
  • City Service Interruptions – Service interruptions could be planned or unplanned interruptions in water service. Additional services may be added in the future.
  • City Council/Public Meetings – The category includes but is not limited to regularly scheduled or special council meetings, truth in taxation meetings, town hall meetings.

These options can be found on the main registration page. If you are interested in receiving messages related to any of the areas listed, simply click in the box adjacent to the options you are interested in. This action will add you to the group to receive those notifications.

For questions regarding the Emergency/City Information Notification System please contact the City of Hutchinson Information Technology Department at (320) 234-4200 or email us.

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