Start Collecting Organics

Compost your leftover food scraps.

Here is how to get started!

Yard waste and food scraps collection is part of the standard curbside service for all residential customers that are included in the City’s organized curbside collection services. Hutchinson residents say it’s easy to compost once you learn the basics!

Collect your organics in three easy steps!

  1. Put food scraps into a kitchen container. Some people like to use a kitchen counter bin with a lid, others use a bucket under the sink, and others use a container in the freezer – any of these ways is fine! Also, some people like to use a bin liner, others do not – with this too, either way is fine.
  2. Put the food scraps, whether loose or in a compostable bag, into your green lid organics cart outside. Add grass cuttings, leaves, and small branches (the width of a pencil). 
  3. Set the organics cart at the curb every week on your garbage collection day by 6:00 am.

Collect your organics in three easy steps!

Just Remember!

Do NOT put construction lumber, cardboard, large branches, rocks, or bricks in your organics cart. These items cannot be processed at CreekSide. Other contaminants that show up frequently at CreekSide are plastic bags, hard plastic containers, glass, and metal. Tell your friends and others in your household: keep these items out of the organics cart![/callout]

Get Kids Involved!

Here are some fun activities to help kids learn!

Composting Activity Book Compost Coloring Sheets
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