Compostable Bags

Compostable bags, paper bags, or no bags!

Some people find a compostable bag or paper bag makes it easier to take the collected food scraps from the kitchen to the organics cart. Others prefer to save money and skip the bag. If you go bag-free, simply rinse out your indoor compost container when it gets stinky and pour the water directly onto your yard or trees.

Which bags to use:

BPI Compostable logo

BPI Compostable

It is important that residents only use BPI compostable bags and/or paper bags in the organics carts. Degradable, compostable bags are different from regular garbage bags or plastic bags from stores. They convert into carbon dioxide and water within a few weeks after disposal.

Compostable bags are available to residents every four months at the McLeod County Fairgrounds.  Compostable bags are also currently available to residents at the Hutchinson City Center or CreekSide Soils at 1500 Adams Street SE.  Please make sure to fill out the printable form available below.

See the schedule below for future bag pick up event dates.  Smaller compostable bags are also readily available for purchase at many local retailers and online.

Compostable Bag Pick Up Form

2024 Compostable Bag Pickup Event Dates

McLeod County Fairgrounds
January 22nd, 23rd, and 24th 4pm – 8pm and January 27th 9am – 3pm

May 6th, 7th, and 8th 4pm – 8pm and May 11th 9am – 3pm

September 16th, 17,th, and 18th 4pm – 8pm and September 21st 9am – 3pm


Which bags to avoid:

Plastic bags in contaminated organics

Plastic bags in contaminated organics.

Plastic bags ruin compost!

They break into small pieces that cannot be removed from soil. Do not put plastic bags in our City organics carts.


If you have questions regarding compostable bags, please call (320) 234-4227.

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