Animal License costs $10.00.  If your pet is spayed/neutered and/or microchipped there is no cost for the animal license.


(A) License issuance, term and renewal. All animal licenses shall be issued only upon presentation of a certificate issued by a veterinarian, licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the state, showing rabies immunization of the animal for at least the term of the license. All animal licenses shall expire on December 31. Application for license renewal, accompanied by a veterinarian’s certificate, shall be made at least 30 days prior to expiration of the license.

(B) Adoption of fees. All fees for the licensing, impounding and maintenance of animals, including penalties for late application, shall be contained in the fee schedule adopted by resolution by the City Council and uniformly enforced. The fees may from time to time be amended by the Council by ordinance. A copy of the ordinance setting forth currently effective fees shall be kept on file in the office of the City Administrator and open to inspection during regular business hours.

(C) Tag required. All licensed animals shall wear a collar and have a tag firmly affixed thereto evidencing a current license. A duplicate for a lost tag may be issued by the city upon presentation of the receipt showing the payment of the duplicate license fee. Tags shall not be transferable, and no refund shall be made on any license fee because of leaving the city or death of the animal before the expiration of the license.

Bicycle License – cost for a bicycle license is $5.00 

Please bring in the serial number, make/model and color of your bicycle and we will issue you a license for your bike.  In the event the bicycle is stolen and we locate it, we can match the license number with the owner and get the bicycle returned.

ATV/UTV/Golf Cart Permits  

ATV/UTV/Golf Cart Permits can be purchased at the Police Station. The cost is $45.00 and the permit is good for 3 years.  Click HERE to fill out and print the required form.

City Code related to Special Vehicles

Minnesota Uniform Firearm Application/Receipt Permit to Purchase/Transfer

Minnesota Uniform Firearm Application

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