Hogan Memorial

Michael Hogan Memorial

Michael Hogan Memorial

Michael was a dedicated officer who always put the community’s best interests first.


On December 15, 1989, Michael was shot to death in the line of duty upholding the laws of our community. Michael will always be remembered for his professionalism and dedication. Michael gave both his time and life to help make our community a better place to live.



Mike Hogan was a hometown boy who grew up with many of his co-workers on the Police department. He was a basketball player for the Hutch Tigers and scored the winning basket during a state tournament game. He served his country in the United States Army during the Vietnam Conflict before returning to Hutchinson to begin his career as a Hutchinson Police Officer.

Mike became a police officer in 1972. For 17 years, he served the community where he grew up and was raising his three children. Mike was well liked in the department as well as within the community. He always put the community’s best interests first and he applied his police authority with the discretion and compassion of a true neighbor and friend.

We will always remember Michael for his sacrifice.


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