Veteran’s Preference

Veteran’s Preference for Jobs with Hutchinson


The City of Hutchinson awards preference to qualified veterans and spouses of deceased or disabled veterans, as required by the provisions of applicable Minnesota statutes.


Veteran’s Preference Statutes provide a preference to U.S. citizens or resident aliens who meet the minimum requirements for a position and/or who have attained a passing score on the entrance exam and have received an Honorable Discharge or Separation after serving more than 180 consecutive days in the military for purposes other than training. Veteran’s preference may be used by the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran and by the spouse of a disabled veteran who, because of the disability, is unable to qualify.

Veteran’s preference is awarded in the selection process if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The applicant has completed the City of Hutchinson employment application.
  • The City of Hutchinson Veteran’s Preference Application form is completed.
  • The applicant meets the minimum qualifications.
  • Required supporting documentation is provided.  Documentation requirements are listed on the Veteran’s Preference Application form.
  • The claim for preference is approved.

Documentation must be received within 7 calendar days after the deadline date for the position in order to be considered.

Step 1: Download and save the form.
Step 2: Fill out the form.
Step 3: Print or email the form, along with all your documentation, using the information below.

Fillable form - please print and sign

Attach your documentation to your application and submit it to:

City of Hutchinson
Human Resources Department
111 Hassan St SE
Hutchinson, MN  55350
Fax: (320) 234-4240


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