Ice Safety Press Release

Date: December 21, 2021
Contact: John Paulson, Project/Environmental/Regulatory Manager
Email: [email protected]


Stay On Top of Ice Safety

There are many variables that can cause ice to be unsafe. The City of Hutchinson does not measure ice thickness on local lakes or stormwater ponds. Your safety is your responsibility when venturing out onto the ice. Be sure to check the ice thickness before you, your children, and pets go onto frozen lakes and ponds. Ponds in the City of Hutchinson are not recommended to be used for recreation as they are subject to fluctuating water levels and inflow from streets that contain deicers such as road salt. Always remember that no ice is 100% safe. Develop a plan and review it before going onto the ice so you are prepared. Also remember to not leave any trash or debris on the ice that will pollute the water body or cause a danger to other users.

Please visit the Minnesota DNR Ice Safety web page for more information and tools.

MN DNR “Danger Thin Ice” Brochure

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