Hydrant Flushing

Weather permitting; the City of Hutchinson Water Department will begin its annual fire hydrant flushing during the week of April 23, 2018. Flushing the entire city will take approximately three weeks. Please remember, this schedule is a planning tool and may be altered due to field conditions.

During this time, residents may experience short periods of cloudy or rusty colored water along with possible short-term low water pressure. The discolored water is caused by rust that can sometime accumulate on the interior of water mains. There is no adverse health threat associated with the rusty water but homeowners are advised not to wash clothing until the water at their taps runs clear. The discolored water generally clears up within one to two hours.

The hydrant flushing program ensures:

  1. Drinking water standards are met while maintaining high water quality for our customers
  2. Treatment costs are minimized by reducing disinfection demands within the distribution system
  3. Water age is decreased in low flow areas
  4. Sediment and air are removed
  5. Improved system hydraulics

Hydrant flushing is also part of the distribution system preventative maintenance by exercising the hydrants and lubricating the mechanisms to ensure proper function.

If citizens have any questions or concerns, they may contact City of Hutchinson Public Works at (320) 234-4219 or the Water Treatment Plan at (320) 234-4222.

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