Community Survey for Marketing & Branding Initiative

As a follow up to last month’s public meetings, focus groups, and one-on-one sessions, the City is undertaking a Community Survey to assist us in our Marketing and Branding Initiative project. The City would appreciate the community’s feedback on this important endeavor and would encourage you to take part in the community survey at the following link:


The Hutchinson city council has undertaken a Marketing and Branding Initiative project for the city of Hutchinson. The goal of this project is to assist city staff and elected officials in promoting the city of Hutchinson to new residents and young families along with prospective businesses and developers. It is the City’s desire that this project will provide insights regarding current perceptions of the City and that it will help to drive the recruitment of new residents and young families to the community. The City hopes this project will energize current residents and instill a sense of pride within the community. At the end of the day, the City Council hopes to position the City as a desirable place for relocation, continued development and redevelopment to increase new resident attraction and economic growth.

To assist the City with this project, the city council has hired Chandlerthinks, LLC ( Chandlerthinks is an agent-based marketing firm that provides solutions to cities like Hutchinson looking to create a strong identity and purposeful direction. They have worked on over 145 place branding projects throughout the United States.

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