Snow Emergency and General Information


Wow, Hutchinson has had such an awesome weather this fall, that it’s hard to believe that winter is coming at all.  But, seeing this is Minnesota, everyone knows winter is inevitable.


City staff won’t be caught unaware, however.  Since early September, City staff has been preparing for winter operations.  Equipment checks and servicing have been done, snow equipment has been hung on trucks, tractors and loaders.  Snowplow route maps have been checked and double-checked.  History has taught us that winter can strike with a vengeance at any time.  Last year we had 8” of snow on the ground in early November and most of us still remember the Halloween snowstorm.

Residents are encouraged to do their part by keeping cars off of the street until the streets are plowed curb to curb.  When a snow emergency is declared, no on-street parking is allowed during the hours of midnight to 7:00 a.m. (please note, posted parking regulations remain in effect during snow emergencies).  Snow emergencies will be communicated through local media, and you can call the snow hotline (320) 234-5699 anytime to see if there is a snow emergency in effect.  Residents are encouraged to sign up to be notified of snow emergencies any number of ways, including getting an email or a telephone message.  Please follow the links to sign up for this service.  Remember, vehicles parked in violation of snow emergencies or posted parking regulations are subject to a citation and towing.

Snow removal is a community-wide effort involving state, county and City employees, private contractors, and private property owners.  Please remember it is a violation of State Statutes and local ordinances to push snow across or onto a roadway.

SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY!  Always allow plenty of stopping distance between you and other traffic, be wary of potential slippery spots, and be especially careful around equipment engaged in snowplowing.

Please let the City of Hutchinson know about any issues you may have regarding snowplowing by calling (320) 234-4219 or filling out our Report a Problem form.  With everyone working together, we can have a successful and safe snowplowing season.

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