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July 27, 2021
RE: Rehabilitation work on Parking Lot C (former Nemitz building, currently Art’s Place)

The City of Hutchinson is working with various contractors to make improvements to Parking Lot C (see attached map). Work is scheduled to begin the week of August 2 and take place in stages throughout the remainder of this summer.

The work consists of:

1) Concrete curb and driveway repairs.
One-half of the repairs will be done at a time, so at least one entrance/exit will remain open. Some parking stalls will need to be closed to allow appropriate room for equipment used for the repairs. Once this work is completed, both entrances/exits will be reopened.
There will be repairs made to the west driveway and some curb, some curb along the north side of the parking lot and along the entire south side of the parking lot.
We expect this work to extend over two to three weeks, with approximately 3-5 working days during that period.

2) Pavement repairs.
(Parking lot OPEN). City personnel will do some minor work to determine the condition of underlying material. Small areas will be milled and marked by cones until patched.
(Parking lot CLOSED). Contractors or City personnel will mill off all or portions of pavement. As necessary, drainage infrastructure will be repaired. The parking lot will be reopened if there is a significant delay between milling and paving operations. The parking lot will be fully closed for paving, which is tentatively scheduled for Monday, September 27.
We expect this work to extend over four to six weeks, with approximately 4-5 working days during that period.

3) Striping & signs.
(Parking lot CLOSED). After the parking lot has been paved, the parking lot will be closed to allow for painting of parking lot stripes and to install new signs, as necessary.

Image of Parking Lot C
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