City of Hutchinson Water Usage Restrictions Ends Effective Immediately

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October 12, 2021

Eric Levine
Water Supervisor


 With nearly 60 percent of the Mississippi Headwaters watershed improving to either a moderate drought or abnormally dry, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is transitioning to a Drought Watch Phase of the State Drought Plan. This means the goal of reducing water use has been relaxed and that the outdoor water usage restriction is no longer in effect.

Without water restrictions, city water distribution averaged 2.48 million gallons per day (mgd) in June and 2.21 mgd in July.  With water restrictions and increased rainfall, city water distribution decreased to an average of 1.95 mgd in August and 1.54 mgd in September.  The water restriction goal was for summer water distribution to average 1.7 mgd or less.

The City is still encouraging residents and businesses to find ways to reduce their water use – particularly regarding lawn care. Recommendations include:

  • Reducing watering to every 4 days or more
  • Collect and reuse stormwater in rain barrels or other water reuse systems
  • Installing irrigation controls with timers and/or soil moisture sensors to minimize water loss or waste
  • Letting grass grow – longer grass provides shade for the roots and reduces water loss
  • Avoiding watering on windy days
  • Adjusting sprinklers so they are not hitting the street or sidewalk
  • Adding mulch around plantings to hold in moisture

For more information about the Minnesota DNR’s Drought Watch visit

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