City of Hutchinson Street Maintenance Project

RePlay Seal coat dries in 1-1 1/2 hours
RePlay will look wet for 2-3 weeks
RePlay is 88% bio based green friendly
RePlay is made from soybean oil, canola oil and polymers
RePlay is environmentally safe

Weather permitting, street sealing is scheduled for
Wednesday, April 8 – Friday, April 10
Please keep vehicles off the street during this time.
Thank you for your cooperation!


City of Hutchinson Public Works (320) 234-4219
Bargan Incorporated 1-800-434-2924
Jerry VanDyke, Sales Representative 1-507-381-2812

2nd Ave NW from Franklin St NW to Main St N
5th Ave NW from Montana St NW to Kouwe St NW
Alaska Ct NW from Carolina Ave NW to Cul-de-sac
School Rd NW from Hwy 7 W to Golf Course Rd NW
Texas Cir NW from Texas Ave NW to Cul-de-sac
Texas Ct NW from Texas Ave NW to Cul-de-sac
11th Ave NE from Elm St NE to Maple St NE
2nd Ave SE from Bridge to Michigan St SE
4th Ave NE from Cul-de-sac to Adams St NE
Gauger St NE from Paved portion to Hwy 7 E
Northwoods Ave NE from Hwy 15 N to Maple St NE
Spruce Ct NE from 6th Ave NE to Cul-de-sac
Spruce St NE from College Ave NE to Northwoods Ave NE
Century Ave SE from Hwy 15 S to Jefferson St SE
Jefferson Ct SE from Cul-de-sac to Jefferson St SE
Jefferson St SE from Toronto Blvd SE to Century Ave SE

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