Annual Rain Barrel Sale Press Release


City of Hutchinson Holds Annual Rain Barrel Sale

Hutchinson, Mn- April 8, 2021. With spring upon us The City of Hutchinson will be holding its annual rain barrel sale soon. Each barrel is $55, including tax, and will be distributed on Saturday – May 1, 2021, 2:00-4:00 pm, at the Burich Arena 950 Harrington Street SW. Reserve yours ahead of time by calling 320-234-5682, otherwise barrels can be picked up first come, first serve. Made from recycled materials, one barrel holds 54 gallons and features a removable debris screen, hoses, and a flat back, allowing it to be placed near a building.

Placing rain barrels alongside your homes and structures is an easy way to help the environment and reduce your water bills. They can capture and store runoff flowing from rooftops during rain events that can be used later to irrigate flowers and landscaped areas. As well, reducing the amount of water that immediately flows in the storm drains cuts down the amount of contact water has with contaminants, such as oil, salt, pesticides, fertilizers, and trash.

The City of Hutchinson works to provide leadership in improving and conserving the integrity of the Crow River and its tributaries through community engagement and the protection and restoration of water resources. Contact John Paulson, Project/Environmental/Regulatory Manager by phone at 320-234-5682 for more details.


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